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Kezurou-kai USA is now offering online Zoom classes

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Online Classes

Steps to Tight Joinery Series by Andrew Hunter

At Kez USA we are often asked “how do Japanese carpenters get such tight fitting joinery?” The answer to that question is not an easy one and certainly not a question that could be answered accurately in a single Zoom class. That is why we are offering a series of classes by instructor Andrew Hunter to explore the fundamental skills behind such beautiful work.

The four class series starts with sharpening, because good work begins with sharp tools. From here Andrew will teach a class on setting up a new Japanese plane. Japanese planes are a joy to use, but it takes some time and know-how to get them working right. In the third class of the series Andrew will show students how to use Japanese planes to flatten and square stock. Which leads us to the final class on laying out and cutting accurate Joinery.

Steps to Tight Joinery IV: Layout and Joinery - Andrew Hunter - February 5, 2023
Steps to Tight Joinery IV: Layout and Joinery - Andrew Hunter - February 5, 2023

By Andrew Hunter

February 05, 2023
11am - 1pm PT / 2 - 4pm ET

$75 non-members
$60 members (use Coupon Code from newsletter)

Class recordings will be available to all participants for 2 weeks.
Link to the zoom class will be emailed to you after you register and a reminder will be sent before the class is scheduled..

Layout and Joinery

There is no better feeling than when, at the end of a project, the pieces are coming together for the first time and each joint fits perfectly, with no fine tuning necessary. In this zoom class Andrew Hunter will demonstrate methods for getting this kind of fit every time.

The key to achieving the perfect fit is all about having confidence in your layout lines. Andrew will discuss various ways to create a precise layout including; mill, square and scribe rule, and of course Japanese center line layout. If each line is drawn in the right place, then all that is left to create a perfect fit is not cutting over these lines.

This is where the sharpness and precision of Japanese hand tools shine. Andrew will describe the tools he uses to cut and shave right to the line, without going over it! He will also get into the physics of a tight fit, looking at how the wood fibers react to compression under different circumstances.

Please note that we are planning to release these classes at a future date via streaming and/or download. By signing up for class, you are agreeing to be recorded and included in these future recordings.

Price: $75.00

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