Online Classes

Kezurou-kai USA is now offering online Zoom classes

For more details and registration click on the links below.

  • Before you sign up for a class, please check that your email address in your Paypal account matches the email address that you currently use. All class links and receipts of payment will be sent to your default email address listed in your Paypal account.
  • Class recordings from online classes will be available to all participants for 2 weeks.
  • Links to zoom meetings will be emailed the day before class is scheduled.

Online Classes

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Members get Discounts

If you’re not already a member consider joining. You’ll receive a Coupon Code for discounts on the classes, and at only $20/year for membership it will quickly pay for itself if you are thinking of taking classes.

Past Classes

You can have a look at our past classes here and if there are classes that we aren’t currently offering that you are interested in taking, or if you have suggestions for new classes, fill out the form on the Vote for Past Classes page to let us know.