Mission, Vision & Values


Kezurou-kai USA’s mission is to engage people of all skill levels in the discovery of Traditional Japanese Carpentry, develop foundational skills, and spark a lifelong learning and sharing experience.


Our vision is to ensure the preservation and continuation of Traditional Japanese Carpentry and woodworking, vernacular Japanese architecture, and all of the associated trades and skills. 

We aim to educate and grow the community of practitioners and admirers of this long-lived tradition by organizing classes, workshops, and demonstrations – both in-person and online.

Many of our board members and our teachers are acknowledged experts in their fields and a number of them have trained in Japan. We draw from this deep pool of experience and skill to offer world-class educational experiences in a wide range of woodworking, craft, and architecture.


We at Kezurou-kai USA believe that  the practices and values that constitute Traditional Japanese Carpentry have persisted for millenia for a reason. The character, skills, discipline, and focus that are developed while practicing these age-old techniques are of great value to everyone, whether professional or amateur. 

We connect our members to transformational education experiences in Traditional Japanese Carpentry. 

We believe in the intrinsic value of process — we provide opportunities for experiential learning, and multisensory, object-based exploration. There is no better education than direct experience.

We are committed to further the appreciation of and education in Traditional Japanese Carpentry in North America.