What We Do

Kezurou-kai USA is dedicated to the preservation and transmission of traditional Japanese handtool carpentry techniques in the United States and beyond. We have been recognized under an official friendship agreement by Kezurou-kai Japan and intend, among other activities, to hold an annual gathering at which US craftspeople can be educated by exposure to some of the leading figures in the Japanese woodcraft community. We believe the spirit and tradition of Japanese carpentry can be a guide to woodworkers of all backgrounds, and hope to inspire a new generation of professionals and amateurs alike to deepen their connection to this rich cultural heritage.

To deliver relevant instruction and experiences for our membership, we focus on 3 things:

  1. We contact, arrange, and coordinate demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and small projects by seasoned professionals. These people bring years of experience in their respective fields and share that with both our membership and the interested public. While our network of master craftspeople and educators spans the globe, we are privileged to have a deep North American talent pool to draw upon as well.
  2.  We plan and execute training and demonstration events. Once sporadic events that happened infrequently, Kezurou-kai USA has worked hard to make its main event an annual one. This year will be our fourth. At the same time, we also encourage other groups around the country to put on regional events. 
  3. We work closely with community organizations (such as public Japanese gardens) to specify, design, fabricate, and install small structures and features, repair existing structures, or consult on larger projects. This is all done with volunteer/donated labor, often with donated materials. These projects are learning opportunities for our members and support deserving organizations. 

The desired result? We want to connect people. We bring together expert craftspeople, beginners, hobbyists, toolmakers, vendors, old friends, strangers – all of whom share a lot in common – even if they do not share a common spoken language.