Kyo no Machiya Kyoto Townhouse – Boston, MA

Kyo no Machiya Kyoto townhouse in Boston, MA was built in 1830.

It’s located at the Boston Children’s Museum, a museum which is open year round.

Construction Information

In 1980 this 150 year old townhouse from Kyoto’s Nishijin district was packed in crates and shipped to Boston, where it was reconstructed by five Japanese carpenters (miyadaiku) from Yasui Moku Komuten.

A documentary film by Rachel Strickland and Richard Leacock, Rebuilding An Old Japanese House  shares a first-hand observation of traditional tools and woodworking techniques, as it chronicles the assembly process.

More information about The Japanese House at the Boston Children’s Museum can be found on the museum’s website at

A Japanese Roof Raising in Boston” was published in ASIA magazine, January-February, 1980.