Kezurou-Kai USA 2023 Schedule

Kezurou-Kai USA 2023 Event

Lots of work underway to ensure a fantastic Kezurou-kai USA 2023. We’re eager for you to join us.

Stage is set for great workshops, presentations & demos. The focus is on workshops about using the tools & expanding your skills. For experienced woodworkers, there are sessions focused on layout. If you have traditional Japanese hand tools, volunteer experts will be on-hand to answer questions & help you “read” your tool for optimum performance.


  • All Kezurou-kai USA 2019 events will be held at the El Cerrito Community Center – plenty of space and parking, and just 10 minutes’ walk from the local BART Station. (Map & Directions)
  • Registration each day will be 8:30-10am.
  • Pre-registrations only. Students 50% off. Kids under 12 free.
  • Lunch each day from 11am-2pm: Food truck in the parking lot, ramen guy in the kitchen, okonomiyaki in the outside area.


subject to change

SATURDAY, September 30

9:00-9:30 Presentation of lifetime achievement award to Len Brackett

Planes – Andrew Hunter

Shoji – Brian Holcombe

Len Brackett slideshow – East Wind

SUNDAY, October 1

O-ganna – Andrew Hunter

Intro to Woodworking – Brian Holcombe

15:00-17:00 Planing competition

17:00 Closing remarks & clean-up

Slideshow of past work? – James Wiester

Jay Van Arsdale

Continue structure project begun last year/some hands on/in action joinery – Toby Hargreaves

something TBD – Jason Forster

Koukogen – David Bassing

David Wood

Log layout demo – Matthieu

Sharpening – Jude

Jobsite sharpening? – Ryosei

Eric Baker/Wellington

backroom video of kominka company (Nakagawa)



Alex Gilmore

Caleb Rogers

VENDORS (all day 9:30am-5pm Saturday & Sunday)

Check out the great products that will be available:

  • Suzuki-ya – Superior Japanese Hand Tools for Woodworking, Kitchen, Gardening and Grooming
  • Japan Stones – Natural Japanese Sharpening Stones