The “GATE”  Exhibition at Hakone Gardens

The “GATE”  Exhibition at Hakone Gardens, Saratoga CA.

The inside lecture is now full — BUT historic lecture and tours will be available to accommodate those that show up. The garden visitors will not be limited and the plum blossoms are in full bloom.

11:00  Reception Nishiura family members
11:30 Japanese “Kanna” smoothing plane – a demonstration of the tool.
12:00  Group Photo Gate 
12:30  Historic Architecture Tour

Bracketry Examples and Animation of Assembly

The exhibit focuses on the contributions of two San Francisco bay area Japanese Carpenters. The NIshiuras helped design and build the Japanese Exhibit at the 1915 PanPacific EXPO, and the next one in 1939, as well as building several important structures. One of the most iconic is the central gate at Hakone Gardens. The gate was recently refurbished with a historic preservation grant, and the Garden’s Cultural Exchange Center has been set aside for the next six months to highlight the work of Shinzaburo Nishiura, (1879-1958).

His family has shared their heritage tools and historic photos, and we added a small collection of Richard Wiborg’s temple bracketry to focus on the technical skills of traditional joinery – used in the gate. There will also be a demonstration at the opening.

Nishura Carpentry Exhibit – Hakone Gardens, Photos by JP Li